The Meaning Called Life

” Every words has its own meaning and purpose same with life. God spreads life to his people and let their lives live with a purpose”

Believing of something sometimes can be doubtful,
Living life with purpose is wonderful,
Doing something good is life fulfillment,
Proving yourself to anyone is a waste of moment.

In life shameness and sadness appear,
In a simple mistake, depression will occur,
Going with sadness is like putting of self in a tie,
Wrong decision will rise and happiness will die.

Realizing about what happened
Is not a actually an end,
Fixing your life is not a defend,
It is a realization from what you did.

Life has a very significant rule,
It doesn’t know by a fool,
‘Cause life is like a rolling wheel
In every life story is like a fairy tale.


We were both in the balcony of the house having our breakfast. He was on the other side of the table, in the edge of it. He was drinking his coffee when an unsaved number called him. He lightly got his phone and answered it. When the person on the other line said it wants his face turned to sadness and it put tears in his eyes. So I went near to him and showed my sympathy. I hugged him like I am missing him so much. I also held his hands to lessen the pain he felt that day, but, all of it were ignored by him. I didn’t understand why? Instead of having an exchange blows, I also neglected it all just to avoid any conflict between us that day. He ran inside the house and went to his room, and so I moved into the house. There, I heard a sound – a water that touches the floor – I opened his closet and chose the shirt he should wear but he changed it by choosing another from his closet. I asked myself why he passes me by all these days. After which, he got his car keys and drove it fast like a wind. Since I was left in the house, too fond of him, I cooked all his favorite food that day. When I finished preparing all of it, I waited for him to come. Out of an hour, he came with surprises. He had a bouquet of flowers and chocolate, when he came to me, he retrieved it and placed it to the center table and went to his room like he didn’t see me. My tears fell from my eyes and I couldn’t control it. Maybe he is just tired from his work that’s why he doesn’t have the vigor to give all the surprises to me. But all of my thought were all wronged. He took it and went to his car and drove it again. Because I was in pain, I moved next to him. As I followed him, my tears dripped. Why did he do it? What have I done? Does he still love me? If he does, then why? That is the question I had in mind that night while following his direction. When I followed him I was surprised when he stopped in front of a hospital. He went out of his car and went inside the hospital. Even though he stopped, I still followed inside. When I entered, I saw him enter a room. Because of the doubts I had that night, I followed him and opened the door of the room and was assured of no sound. When I already opened the door my eyes produced tears after seeing him crying while holding a hand of a girl with many apparatuses connected to her body. Now I understand why he did not talk to me for the past few days and why he seem as well like a wind. Then the person I disengaged was my only long-time comatose-body in a hospital.